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Welcome to Lovettsville!

The Town of Lovettsville is located in northern Loudoun County, just two miles south of the Potomac River. Lovettsville has been a thriving small community since it was originally settled by German immigrants in the 1730s. Today, Lovettsville is known for its small town character, as it blends centuries of history with an exciting future.  

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For after hours water/sewer emergencies, please call 540-822-0155. This phone number will immediately send a voice mail message and text message to a Town representative who will respond to your request as soon as possible.

For all other emergencies, please call 911.   

 News and Information

Lovettsville Town Square Master Plan

Information regarding the Town Square Master Plan is now available at the bottom of the Comprehensive Plan page by clicking here.  The results of the public opinion survey conducted in November of 2017 are available for public view, and the Final Report and Overall Concept Plan will be posted soon once finalized by the consultant and prior to the Town Council meeting on this topic scheduled on April 19th.  Thank you to everyone who participated by completing the paper or online survey forms...your opinions matter as will be evidenced by the final product.  Thanks again! 


The Town of Lovettsville is requesting proposals for transportation planning and engineering consulting services to draft, in consultation with the Town Planning Director and Lovettsville Planning Commission, a Town-wide Transportation Study and Plan.  A more detailed description of the scope of services and proposal requirements are contained in the Request for Proposals available in the Town Office, on the Town website (below) or upon request by submitting the same via email to


Five (5) copies of the proposal must be received in the Town Office by May 4, 2018 at 3:30 p.m.  Please deliver all correspondence to:

Joshua A. Bateman, AICP

P.O Box 209

6 E. Pennsylvania Avenue

Lovettsville, VA 20180


Town Manager's Recommended Fiscal Year 2019 Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

Town Manager's Recommended Budget and CIP Presentation (March 8, 2018)

The Town Manager's Recommended FY19 Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is below and will be presented to the Mayor and Town Council on Thursday, March 8, 2018. This will be followed by several budget work sessions and a public hearing on the following dates:  

  • Thursday, March 22 - Budget Work Session on General Fund Revenues, Expenses, Rates and Fees
  • Thursday, April 5 - Budget Work Session on Utility Fund Revenues, Expenses, Rates and Fees; and the Capital Improvement Plan
  • Thursday, April 12 - Budget Work Session, Presentation by Town Manager on Council changes and set  Not-To-Exceed Tax Rate and Fees
  • Thursday, April 26 - Budget Work Session (if needed)
  • Thursday, May 31 - Public Hearing on Proposed FY19 Budget, CIP, and Rates and Fees
  • Thursday, June 14 - Adopt FY19 Budget, CIP, Rates and Fees

The first series of documents shown below are for the FY19 General Fund and Utility Fund Operating Budgets. This is followed by several documents for the Five-Year CIP, FY19-FY23. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Town Manager's Recommended Budget or the budget process, please call 540-822-5788 or email


Town Manager's Budget Letter

FY19 General Fund

*FY General Fund Revenue Line Item Budget
*FY General Fund Expenses Line Item Budget
*Summary FY18 and FY19 General Fund Revenue, Expenses, Transfers and Adjustments
*FY18 and FY19 General Fund Program Budget Summary
*FY18 and FY19 General Fund Economic Development Revenue Summary

FY19 Utility Fund

*FY19 Utility Fund Revenue Line Item Budget
*FY19 Utility Fund Expense Line Item Budget
*Summary FY18 and FY19 Utility Fund Revenue, Expenses, Transfers and Adjustments
*FY18 and FY19 Utility Fund Program Budget Summary

Capital Improvement Plan Summary

*Summary of FY17 and FY18 Approved General Fund Capital Budget
*Summary of FY17 and FY18 Approved Utility Fund Capital Budget
*Summary of Five-Year General Fund CIP, FY19-FY23
*Summary of Five-Year Utility Fund CIP, FY19-FY23
*Summary of Future General Fund and Utility Fund Capital Projects Identified in the CIP and Planned Beyond FY23 (Not Currently Scheduled or Funded)

Financial Proformas (Prepared  by Virginia Municipal League)

*VML Transmittal Letter
*General Fund Proforma
*Utility Fund Proforma

General/Administrative Documents

*Town Manager FY19 Recommended Tax Rate and Fee Changes to Approved FY18 Fee Schedule
*Average Annual Household Costs in Taxes and Fees, FY18 and FY19 (Real Estate Tax, Water and Sewer, and Trash Fees)
*Summary of General Fund and Utility Fund Debt Service Terms and Payments
*FY18 and FY19 Overhead and Administrative Support Cost Calculations and Transfer from Utility Fund to the General Fund
*Summary Calendar Year 2018 Forecast Tax Assessment, Rates, and Town of Lovettsville Real Estate Tax Revenue
*Five-Year Comparison of Real Estate Tax Rates in Other Western Loudoun Jurisdictions, FY14-FY18
*Town of Lovettsville Household Projections and Calculation of Availability Fee Revenue, FY12-FY26
*Zoning/Building Permits for New Residential Construction, FY12-FY26
*Estimated Household Size and Population Projections, Calendar Year 2010-2026



Town Manager's CIP Budget Letter

General Fund Five-Year CIP

General Fund CIP Project Descriptions 

Utility Fund Five-Year CIP

Utility Fund CIP Project Descriptions 


NEW: Town Hall Videos

Town Council and Planning Commission meetings are now available through our new video/audio platform!    This new platform provides:    

  • Access to the meeting agenda and related documents (generally the Friday prior to the meeting).   
  • Access to recorded meetings and live streaming of meetings (starting in August).    
  • Links on the agenda to allow for easy navigation to a particular agenda item.
  • Search capabilities.

To view a meeting go to the TOWN HALL VIDEOS page.  


FY 2018 Town Calendar 

Click HERE for a copy of the FY 2018 Town Calendar which includes Town Council Regular Meetings, Planning Commission Meetings, Town Events, and Holiday Office Closures.   



Town Square Master Plan

Information about the Town Square Master Plan Project can be found by clicking here.


Town of Lovettsville - Requesting Public Records  

The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), located 2.2-3700 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the Commonwealth and representatives of the media access to public records held by public bodies, public officials, and public employees.

A public record is any writing or recording - regardless of whether it is a paper record, an electronic file, an audio or video recording, or any other format - that is prepared or owned by, or in the possession of a public body or its officers, employees, or agents in the transaction of public business.  All public records are presumed to be open, and may only be withheld if a specific, statutory exemption applies.

The policy of FOIA states that the purpose of FOIA is to promote an increased awareness by all persons of governmental activities.  In furthering this policy, FOIA requires that the law be interpreted liberally, in favor of access, and that any exemption allowing public records to be withheld must be interpreted narrowly.


For more information, click on the links below:


The Rights of Requesters and the Responsibilities of the Town of Lovettsville Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Adopted April 6, 2017).


Freedom of Information Act Request Form and Schedule of Fees (Adopted April 6, 2017).


If you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk at or call 540-822-5788.   

2015-16 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The amendment to the 2011 Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Town Council on February 9, 2017 is available on the Comprehensive Plan page by clicking HERE.

Alert Loudoun 2.0
The Town of Lovettsville uses Alert Loudoun 2.0 to share information about traffic issues, water and sewer emergencies, and other Town services or urgent information.  Click 
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Lovettsville Miniature Replicas are on Sale
Click here to see the full collection of Town replicas.  Replicas can be purchased at the Lovettsville Town Hall. 

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