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Quarter Branch Park

Quarter Branch Park is the working name for a 6+ acre parcel of land fronting on Quarter Branch Road and Lange Drive. The property was offered to the Town by the Developer in 2005. A Public Input Session was held on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. The items below were presented at the meeting. The Concept Plan was revised based on the input from the meeting and approved by Town Council in June, 2012. Click Here to View Plan. The parcel can be used for utility, passive park or open space. The main goals of the park are to 1) serve as a location for the Town Park and Utility Maintenance/Storage Facility, 2)not duplicate amenities available at other nearby Park facilities and 3) generally provide a park for passive recreational uses where the features are affordable to construct and maintain and remain within an acceptable exposure to risk.

The Barn pictured above was constructed in August, 2013 and will be used as a support facility for storage of event and maintenance supplies and eventually a restroom for use by Park visitors. Finishing the inside office and bathroom areas as well as construction a gravel walking/jogging trail is planned for FY2015. Click here for pictures of Barn construction.

 Items Presented at the Public Input Session on March 14, 2012

Existing Conditions Presented at Public Input Meeting 3-14-12

Concept Plan Presented at Public Input Meeting 3-14-12

Presentation by Staff at the Public Input Meeting 3-14-12 discussing the Park Facilities available and planned around Lovettsville

Presentation by Consultant (1st Half) at the Public Input Meeting 3-14-12 discussing the Park Concept Plan

Presentation by Consultant (2nd Half) at the Public Input Meeting 3-14-12 discussing the Park Concept Plan

If you were not able to attend the meeting, you still have time to complete a survey. See below 

Results of the Quarter Branch Park Survey

Over 60 people completed a survey form providing valuable information on what they would like to see in the Quarter Branch Park. The data was compiled and provided to the Parks Committee in a presentation on April 19, 2012. The Committee is scheduled to meet in May to continue discussing the results of the survey in order to finalize a Concept Plan for the Quarter Branch Park Property. A copy of the presentation is provided as a link below.

Quarter Branch Park Survey Results presented to the Parks Committee on April 19, 2012

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