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Planning and Zoning 




The Town of Lovettsville provides planning and zoning services to citizens who reside, and individuals and businesses owning or renting property located, within the corporate limits of the Town.  Future development in the Town is guided by the Lovettsville Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2011 and substantially amended in 2017.  The Comprehensive Plan contains the Town’s vision, goals, and policies regarding natural and cultural resources, public facilities and utilities (water and wastewater), transportation infrastructure, economic development and residential housing, including the planned locations of future land uses within the Town. The policies of the Comprehensive Plan are intended to guide development and land use changes anticipated in the future for the benefit of Town residents.  The Commonwealth of Virginia requires all local jurisdictions to adopt a Comprehensive Plan and review the plan at least once every five years. 

The use of property is controlled by the Town's Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 42 of the Town Code).  The Town of Lovettsville is divided into zoning districts as shown on the Town's Official Zoning District Map.  All properties within the Town are located in one or more of these districts, each with its own unique zoning requirements about how properties in that district may be used (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).  In addition to land uses, the zoning ordinance regulates various aspects of development and construction, including the location and height of structures built on any parcel of land and minimum off-street parking requirements for specific uses.  Citizens desiring to add or otherwise change the use of their property, start a home-based business, or undertake construction of a building, building addition, or other structural improvement (i.e. deck, swimming pool, storage shed, fence, etc.), are encouraged to contact the Town's Zoning Administrator early in the process to ascertain the zoning requirements applicable to their property and project.

The subdivision of land into additional lots and reconfiguration of property lines is controlled by the Town's Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 30 of the Town Code).   The process for subdividing land in the Town begins with a property owner or developer submitting a preliminary plat of subdivision to the Town for review and approval.  Subdivisions of land involving the construction or extension of public infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.) require such improvements to be designed and constructed to applicable public standards and bonded prior to acceptance by the Town for ownership and maintenance.  Property owners wishing to subdivide their property are encouraged to meet with the Zoning Administrator early in the process to discuss their proposal.

The Zoning Administrator also provides staff support to the Lovettsville Town Council, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals on planning and zoning issues.


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