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Water and Sewer

Lovettsville’s water and sewer system is owned and operated by the Town.   

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The Town’s water supply comes from a series of wells located throughout the community.  All of the well water is treated and tested for any contaminates and then distributed to users.  Every year the Town provides a Drinking Water Quality Report to everyone who is connected to the Town water system.   

2016 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2015 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2014 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2013 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2012 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2011 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2010 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2009 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2008 - Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

The Town treats all of its wastewater at the Waste Water Treatment Plant located on Irish Corner Road. 

Water and Sewer Rates (FY 2018)

The following rates were approved by the Town Council as part of the FY18 budget process.

Water and Sewer charges are billed quarterly.   

Water & Sewer    
 Minimum water/sewer bill  $$139.24  for up to 6,000 gallons
 Each additional 1,000 gallons of water over 6,000   $8.96
 Each additional 1,000 gallons sewer over 6,000  $14.23
 Charge for Sewer only Service  $118.60
 Customers Outside of Town Limits  250% of In-Town Rate
 Comparison of Lovettsville Water and Sewer Rates with the other Loudoun Towns for FY 2013


 Water and Sewer Rate Study, April, 2013

The Town Council recently hired an expert to conduct a Water and Sewer Rate Study to ensure the financial health of the Water and Sewer Funds. They received a presentation by the consultant, Municipal Financial Services Group on April 25, 2013 at their Town Council Meeting. Click HERE to view the Presentation.


Note:  Every water account will be assessed a waterworks operation fee up to $2.95 for the 2014 fiscal year.  This fee will be paid directly by the Town to the Virginia Department of Health for the Wateworks Technical Assistance Fund.

For additional questions about Lovettsville’s utility operations please contact Town Hall.

Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Program
The Town has adopted Loudoun Water's Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Program. More information is available HERE.

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