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Trash and Recycling

The Town contracts with American Disposal to provide trash and recycling collection free of charge to Town residents. Weekly pickup is provided every Wednesday. Please place your items on the curb no earlier than 4 p.m. on Tuesday and before 7:00a.m. on Wednesday.  If you have unusual or large items for disposal, and they are not on the list below, please call Town Hall at 540-822-5788 to arrange a special bulk pickup.

Recycling bins are provided free of charge to new homes. Please ask the Town for a new bin when you move to Town and one will be delivered to your new home. If you are renting or purchasing an existing home, please use the bin the former occupant used.  You can also purchase bins from hardware stores if yours gets damaged or if you need more capacity.  If you are not using an American Recycling bin, please make sure you clearing mark that the bin is for recycling. 

Because Lovettsville can get windy at times, please mark your trash cans and bins with your house address, just in case your containers blow away.

If you would like to recycle on your own, a County recycling site is located in Town, just north of the square, behind Bonnie’s Country Kitchen.

If you have a large amount of trash and debris (storm damage, home remodeling, major cleanup) you will need to contract with a private hauler to take your items to the County Landfill.  The Town's contract does not allow for large scale trash removal from properties.

Hazardous Household Waste - The Loudoun County office of Solid Waste Management conducts hazardous waste collection events throughout the year.  Please visit their site to learn more about these collections.  The site also has detailed information about the County landfill and more waste and recycling disposal options. 

American Disposal will NOT collect the following items:

 Acids  Fire Extinguishers
 Ammunition  Florescent Bulbs
 Antifreeze  Herbicides
 All Liquids  Manure
 Asbestos  Motor Oil
 Automobile Parts  Mulch
 Blocks  Paint
 Branches thicker than 3"  diameter     Pesticides
 Bricks  Poisons
 Car Batteries  Propane or Helium Tanks
 Caustics  Remodeling/Construction Debris
 Cement, Concrete Materials  Riding Mowers
 Chemicals  Rocks, Stones
 Dead Animals  Sod
 Dirt  Tires
 Engines  Tree Stumps
 Explosives  Whole Decks or Fencing

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