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 Capital Projects  

East Broad Way Improvements Project - Construction to Begin in April, 2015!!
The Town was awarded $80,000 through a grant from the Community Development Block Grant program in Loudoun County with a Town match of $20,000 to design a sidewalk on Broad Way from Park Place to the Lovettsville Community Center. The  upgrades will include curb and gutter, underground storm drainage, parking spaces where space is available, and sidewalk on the northside of Broad Way. The project necessitates relocation of utility poles as well to accomodate the upgrades.  PHR+A, now called Pennoni, was the engineer selected to complete the design.

The design was completed and approved by VDOT in September, 2013 and Land Acquisition began in October, 2013. As of August, all property owners have signed deed of easements to provide the Town with the easements needed to complete the project. The Town is appreciative of all property owners support for this project!

Dominion, Comcast and Verizon are in the final stages of relocating the utilities to the new poles so that the old poles can be removed prior to the anticipated start of construction in April, 2015. The Town has contracted with Lantz Construction of Winchester to complete the work. The construction is expected to take approximately 7 months, weather permitting. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the new Town Standard lights installation will be delayed until additional funding is obtained.

Residents can call the Town Office (540) 822-5788 and speak to Karin Fellers, Project Manager if they have any questions or concerns. 

Design for Town Office Expansion and Parking Lot
The Town hired PMA, an architect out of Newport News, VA to help with designing an expansion to the Town Office. In September, 2013, the Facilities Committee visited several Town Offices in the area to get ideas about what might work or not work in a new Town Office. A needs assessment was developed to identify current as well as future space needs and suggests a possible space need of 5,000 to 6,000 square feet by 2018. The Town is evaluating possible locations for a new Town Office.

The Town approved the Needs Assessment in October, 2014. Costs for the project were projected higher than originally anticipated. The Town Council is considering additional short and long term options that may be less expensive. 


Water and Sewer User Rate Study 
In 2013, Municipal Financial Services Group evaluated the Town's water and sewer rates and presented their recommendations to Town Council in April, 2013. Click Here to view the presentation. The recommendations were for a 5 year rate plan with an increase of 3% for water and 6% for sewer each year. The first year recommended increases were implemented with usage after July 1, 2013. 

In March, 2015, the Town began updating the Water and Sewer Rate Study and Availability Fees based on updated cost and budget information including the Town's change from contract operations using Loudoun Water to directly operating the facilities with Town hired operators. This valuable update expected to be completed in April, will help Town Council during their budget process to ensure financial stability of the Utility Fund. 


Pedestrian/Bike Path on Berlin Pike (287)
The Town has been awarded a total of $1,098,970 in Highway Enhancement Grant Funds and Loudoun County Gas Tax money to build a Pedestrian/Bike Path along 287 through the Town of Lovettsville.   VDOT has been administering this project since 2008 and has designed several options for this path.  The final design is almost complete and will likely include curb and gutter along the west side of Berlin Pike, underground storm water management facilities with an 8 foot asphalt path 4 foot behind the curb. The Public Hearing for this project ocurred on April 11, 2012. Additional information can be found at VDOT's Website.  The Town applied for and has been awarded the additional funding needed to complete Phase I for the Bike Path (from the southern end of Town where the path from Heritage Highlands will end to the Town Square). Needed easements have been obtained from some of the properties along the west side of Berlin Pike. The project advertised for bid in February and bids are due in March. Construction is expected to begin in June. 


Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion
The Town has expanded the WWTP built in 2000 from 250,000 gallons per day (GPD) to 375,000 GPD. This involved the installation of a 3rd treatment module as well as filters to improve the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous to meet new limits set by the State of Virginia to help protect and improve the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. The construction began in June, 2008 and was completed in December of 2010.

Links to pictures are provided below:

Click here to see photos of the tank installation.

Click here to see photos of the Filters being installed.


Inflow and Infiltration
The Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant was experiencing very high flows during heavy rains. This was due to rain and ground water entering the wastewater collection system through openings in the collection pipes and manholes called Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). During heavy rains, the Town experienced an increase in flow beyond the treatment abilities of the facility. In June, 2008, the Town completed rehabilitation of 25 manholes in the system and also made leak repairs to the Frye Court Pump Station. In addition, the Town developed an I&I Corrective Action Plan and completed the recommended Phase I work. Work included lining 3,020 feet of sewer line, rehabilitation of approximately 30 manholes and replacement of 11 manholes for an approximate  cost of $480,000, funded by a low interest State Loan. Work was completed in April, 2010.

Click here to see pictures of I&I Rehabilitation Sewer Lining work.

The Town monitored the influent flow levels to the Wastewater Treatment Plant during rainfall events before and after the Phase I I&I rehabilitation work and found the work resulted in a 70% reduction in ground water infiltration and at least a 30% reduction in the storm water generated inflow. The DEQ consent order was lifted based on this information and Phase II of the Action Plan recommendations was not determined to be necessary at this time.

In April, 2013, the Town completed a week of sewer line cleaning and camera inspections and in September, 2013, the Town completed the much postponed Smoke Testing work where only minor issues were discovered. These are on going activities to ensure the collection system continues to function appropriately.


Water Tank Maintenance

The Elevated Water tank was painted in September, 2012. A one year warranty inspection in October, 2013 found the paint job performing as expected. Both ground storage tanks were inspected in 2013 and no problems were found. AT&T was issued a new Conditional Use Permit to add additional equipment to the tank to provide faster services for their users. Sprint removed one set of antennas from the tank for their older Nextel technology.  


Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Improvements to the Water Treatment Plants were completed in August, 2012 so that water system pressure could be maintained while the Elevated Water Tank was offline for painting. Improvements included new Variable Frequency Drives on pumps at two well facilities. The system functioned well while the elevated water tank was offline.

The Town completed a design for an upgraded SCADA  (supervisory control and data acquisition) system in the summer of 2013. This new system will improve communications and control throughout the system and will address the need for more automatic adjustments to ensure continued service during emergencies and water breaks. Sherwood Logan has been hired to complete the SCADA installation and work begun in March is expected to be completed in April, 2015.


Park Development
The Town has three park parcels. Click on the park's name for additional information. The Town Square (surrounded by Berlin Pike where the Veterans Memorial and the Holiday tree are located), the Town Green (the larger rectangular park located west of the Town Square where the Movie Nights and Mayfest occur, and the Quarter Branch Park (located at the corner of Quarter Branch Road and Lange Drive.

The Town Square and Town Green Concept Plans were approved by Town Council in February, 2009!  The Quarter Branch Park Concept Plan was approved in June, 2012.  The Concept Plans provide a framework for the development of the parks. The Town Council appointed a Parks Committee to take on the details of all park development following the concept plans.

Click here to see the approved Town Square Concept Plan

Click here to view the approved Town Park Concept Plan

 Click here to view the approved Quarter Branch Concept Plan

Town Green:  The Walker Pavilion (named for long time Mayor, Elaine Walker) was designed (Click here for more information. ) and completed in time for MayFest, 2013. Click Here to see pictures. The Town is proud to announce that the Walker Pavilion has won three separate awards. The Pavilion received a Community Appearance Award from the Community Appearance Alliance of Northern Virginia. In addition, the Pavilion was named the 2013 Building of the Year from the National Frame Building Association in the Experts Division for Commercial Buildings under 5,000 sq. ft. The Walker Pavilion was also named the 2014 Signatures of Loudoun Award Winner for Public Spaces.

Town Square:  The Veterans Memorial including a stone wall with service plaques, patio and landscaping was completed in time for the Town's annual Veteran's Day Ceremony in 2011. Anyone wishing to honor a veteran can purchase a 6" x 9" paver to be installed on the edge of the patio of the memorial. Paver orders received by October 1 will be installed prior to the Veterans Day Ceremony, of the same year. A new flag pole replaced the one broken during the high wind Derecho event. Click here for more information.

Quarter Branch Park: A Support Facility (affectionately referred to as The Barn) was designed to provide storage for equipment and event decorations, etc. as well as provide eventual bathrooms for the Park and was constructed in 2013 with final grading and entrance work being delayed by the weather until Spring, 2014. The Town hopes to complete interior fit out for bathrooms and offices in FY 2015 as well install a gravel walking path.    Click here for more information.






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