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Springhouse Move

On a mild day this past January, several local community members volunteered their time to save an historic springhouse that was located in path of the future North Church Street.  Heading up the project was Tom Bullock, owner of Bullseye Restoration & Contracting.  Assisting him in the deconstruction was Jeff Frost and Harrison Sherwood.  The Town would also like thank Fred George for his time and use of his backhoe to removed the stones from the base of the foundation.  

The building was photographed and then disassembled and stored for future reconstruction.  It is hoped that the springhouse can be reassembled on Town park land to serve as an example of early Lovettsville architecture.

 Tom Bullock inspects the stone foundation before deconstruction.

 The steps into the springhouse were carefully moved so they could be reconstructed at the new site.

The old tin roof was removed. 

 All of the wooden framing and siding were removed by hand to minimize damage.

 Fred George operates the backhoe to remove the foundation stones. 

After Fred pulled the stones up to the surface, Tom used the loader to move the stones to a trailer for the trip to the storage location.


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