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Comprehensive Plan
2015-16 Review and Public Input Process  

The Planning Commission recently completed the process of reviewing the 2011 Comprehensive Plan as required every five years by the Code of Virginia.  The review began with a project kickoff meeting at the Town Office on May 6, 2015.  

As a result of that meeting, the Planning Commission appointed interested citizens and stakeholders to serve on the following topic-based advisory committees:

  • Economic Development and Non-Residential Land Uses Advisory Committee
  • Housing and Residential Land Uses Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Public Facilities and Utilities Advisory Committee

The advisory committees gave interested citizens and stakeholders an opportunity to provide input on the topic(s) of interest to them prior to recommending revisions to various chapters and policies.  Committee meetings were held during the Planning Commission work sessions on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  The committees met in the order listed above (not concurrently) on the third Wednesday of each month beginning on June 17, 2015.  The committee meetings concluded in May of 2016.  The result of their efforts was a draft comprehensive plan amendment:


Once the committees finished up their work, the Planning Commission began reviewing all of the changes recommended by the committees.  During meetings held over the next several months, the Commission requested additional changes to the Introduction as well as chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 that were the focus of the amendment.  Their efforts culminated in the preparation of a final draft plan amendment that can be accessed (by chapter) below.  Please note that all of the changes previously recommended by the committees were accepted prior to the Commission's review of the draft in order to make the document easier to read and distinguish between the committees' and Planning Commission's revisions.  The documents below are "red-line" versions (with the exception of the final, clean version) in that they show the edits made by the Commission via the use of underlines (added text) and strike-throughs (deleted text).  The documents below do not include chapters and maps from the adopted 2011 plan that are not part of the proposed amendment.

The Planning Commission voted on November 16, 2016 to forward the draft amendment (above) to the Town Council with a recommendation for approval.


The Town Council conducted a work session on Sunday, November 6th and conducted meetings to discuss additional revisions to the draft plan on December 8th and 21st.  These discussions resulted in additional amendments reflected in the Town Council draft below.  The Town Council conducted a public hearing on the final draft of the comprehensive plan amendment on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at the Town Office and subsequently voted on February 9, 2017 to adopt the final version of the amendment to the plan:

Updated appendices reflecting changes to values, goals and policies requested by the Town Council appear below.  These are not "red-line" versions in which individual edits can be viewed; rather; the edits have been incorporated into the document.  To examine these edits one-by-one as shown using strikethroughs and underlined text, refer to the "FINAL TOWN COUNCIL DRAFT As Amended" document above.  Appendices 6-7 and Maps 2-6 have not been further revised compared to the versions that appear below under "COMPREHENSIVE PLAN AMENDMENT - PREVIOUS PLANNING COMMISSION VERSIONS."





The public hearing/input process, including meeting dates and times, will be posted on the home page.  Both the Planning Commission and Town Council will conduct public hearings on the proposed plan amendment.  Please revisit the home page as well as this page for the latest information.  For more information on the 2015-16 review process or the comprehensive plan amendment, contact:

Joshua A. Bateman, AICP, Planner/Zoning Administrator  


Background on Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a document created by each jurisdiction that is developed with the help of a committee along with public input and a recommendation from the Planning Commission to the legislative body, in this case the Town Council.  The document contains the Town’s vision, goals, objectives and policies regarding land use, natural and cultural resources protection, public facilities, transportation and other public infrastructure (sewer and water), economic development and housing.  The Comprehensive Plan reflects a long-range vision.  The policies of the Comprehensive Plan serve to guide the development process and do not constitute requirements as do zoning ordinance regulations, for example. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires all of its jurisdictions to review their Comprehensive Plans every five years. 

The Town Council appointed a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) to work with Town staff to review the previous Comprehensive Plan and develop any amendments that were appropriate.  The CPAC consisted of all the Planning Commissioners, the Mayor, a member of the Town Council and members who represented historical resources advocates, the Lovettsville Business Association, Town business people, along with residents from the newer and older neighborhoods in Town.  The CPAC maked its recommendations for amending the Plan after monthly meetings to review and discuss planning issues.  The recommendations werel the subject of public hearings before the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission made some modifications and then recommended the Plan to the Town Council for Approval.  The Town Council approved the 2011 Comprehensive Plan on February 24, 2011.



2011 Approved Plan


Existing Land Use

Planned Land Use

 Land Use Policy Areas





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