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A plastic slide is pulled through the waste water pipe to provide a smooth surface for the liner to move on.The liner is encased in plastic to protect it during installation. The material cures with exposure to UV light.


The end of the liner is rolled up to make it easier to pull through the waste water pipe.The end of the liner is insertedinto the waste water pipe and attached to a cable running through the pipe and attached to a winch. The winch pulls the liner through the waste water pipe. Once the liner is pulled through the line, a compressor pumps air into the flat liner to expand it to fit inside the waste water pipe. While the liner is under air pressure to stay open a camera with UV lights attached (see below) is pulled through the expanded liner to make sure there are no wrinkles, tears, etc. in the lining.


The UV lights are then turned on and pulled back through the expanded liner, curing the material permanently on the inside of the wastewater pipe. Any cracks, holes, etc in the wastewater line are now sealed outside the new liner. In this way the Town is able to eliminate leaks to the waste water collection system without the need to excavate the entire line and replace. This is a new technology that has sparked interest for use with our larger neighbors, Leesburg and Loudoun Water. Compared to other lining methods, there is no steam needed and no chemical odor! And the lining material is Made in the USA!


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