The Town Council has several committees that play important roles in various aspects of the Town government, including planning and conducting Town events. The committees include representatives from the Town Council, Planning Commission, business owners, citizens, and residents who live outside of Town.

If you would like to serve on a committee, please complete an Application for Service on Town Boards or Commissions and send it to or drop it off at Town Hall, 6 East Pennsylvania Avenue.  Appointments are made by the Mayor and confirmed by the Town Council. Current committees include:


Commerce and Business Development (Councilman Michael Dunlap, Chair)


Events Committee (Councilman James McIntyre, Chair)

  • Love America Committee (Kimberly Allar, Chair)
  • Love Holidays Committee (Chair – Vacant)
  • Love MayFest Committee (Joseph Suites, Chair)
  • Love Oktoberfest Committee (Councilman James McIntyre, Chair)
  • Love Summer Committee (Tiffany Dunlap, Chair)


Parks, Infrastructure, Environment, and Utilities Committee (Councilman Mike Senate, Chair)

  • Tree Board (Joshua Bateman, Planning Director/Zoning Administrator)