Budget Process

The Town’s budget is based on the Fiscal Year July 1-June 30. The Town Council goes through a rigorous process for developing the annual budget and capital improvement plan. The process starts with the Town Council Annual Retreat to identify priorities for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond.  The Town Manager uses this input to develop the Town Manager Recommended Budget which is formally presented to the Mayor and Town Council.  This is followed by a number of meetings and a public hearing over several months to discuss the General Fund, Utility Fund, Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, and Schedule of Rates and Fees.

FY 2021 Budget

On March 26, 2020 the Town Council adopted the FY21 Budget and Fee Schedule:

Approved FY 21 Budget and Fee Schedule

On March 12, 2020 the Town  Council held a public hearing on the proposed FY21  Budget and Not-to-Exceed Schedule of fees:

Proposed FY21 Not-to-Exceed Budget and Schedule of Fees

On January 9, 2020, the Town Manager presented his Recommended FY21 Operating Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (FY21-25):

Town Manager’s FY 2021 Budget Presentation

Town Manager’s Recommended FY 2021 Budget            

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (FY21-FY25)


Financial Policies – Adopted October 10, 2019

On October  10, 2019,  the Town Council adopted a new set of Financial Policies for managing the Town’s funds.  The policy repeals and replaces the previous versions of the Fiscal Policy adopted by the Council.

FY2020 Adopted Budget

Following a number of budget work sessions and a public hearing, the Town Council adopted the FY2020 budget as follows:

FY 2020 Budget

FY2020 Schedule of Fees

FY2020-2024 Capital Improvement Plan

FY 2o19 Approved Budget

The Town Council approved the FY 19 General Fund and Utility Budgets as well as the FY19-23 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) on June 14, 2018.

FY19 General Fund and Utility Fund Operating Budgets

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan – General Fund

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan – Utility Fund

Schedule of Fees