Vehicle Decal Requirement – Through 2019

The Town of Lovettsville  will continue to require vehicle decals through 2019, after which time Loudoun County will take over billing and collecting the vehicle license fee and the decals will be eliminated.

Renewal notices are mailed by mid-October and must be displayed by November 15. Annual fees for auto decals are $25.00 for cars, trucks, and SUVs and $16.00 for motorcycles. Late fees of $1.00/month apply after November 15 to a maximum of $35 for automobiles and $26 for motorcycles.

New Vehicles
If a vehicle is traded in for another vehicle, a transfer decal can be purchased for $1.00 with the return of the current year’s decal and the new vehicle registration.

If a new vehicle is purchased (and it is not replacing an existing vehicle), a decal can be purchased within 30 days at the rate of $25.00 for automobiles and $16.00 for motorcycles. A late fee of $1.00/month applies after 30 days. Please provide a copy of the vehicle registration with payment.

New Residents
New residents are required to display a Town of Lovettsville decal within 30 days after moving into Town. If you wish to transfer a decal from another locality in the Commonwealth of Virginia, scrape the old decal off, bring it to Town Hall, and we will exchange the decal for $1.00.

Active military personnel and active Loudoun County volunteer or auxiliary members who have received an exemption from Loudoun County personal property taxes are also exempt from the Town’s decal fee; however, we will need to verify the exemption with Loudoun County by phone before the Town decal is issued at no cost. Click here for more information on obtaining an exemption for Loudoun County personal property taxes.

Placement of Decal
Place the decal on the vehicle’s windshield on the passenger side of the inspection sticker.