Current Vaccination Priorities

The Loudoun County Health Department is currently vaccinating in Phase 2 which includes all residents age 16 and older. We will continue to prioritize vaccination for anyone in groups who are at greater risk of exposure and illness and for spreading the virus which includes individuals in Phase 1a (PDF),  Phase 1b (PDF) or Phase 1c (PDF). Loudoun County is working with its community partners—which include pharmacies, health care systems, schools and employers—to help people know from whom they will receive vaccine, how to make an appointment to receive a vaccine, and where to go to get vaccinated.

How to Sign Up for COVID-19 Vaccine | Loudoun County, VA – Official Website

In addition to receiving a vaccine from Loudoun County, people can also look for available vaccination appointments at pharmacies and other locations in the region by visiting These entities do not coordinate their registrations with the Health Department.

Future Plans

As vaccine supplies continues to increase, vaccine will be available through employers, health care providers and more pharmacies.

Stay Informed:

Sign Up to Receive Alerts
Additional information about the ongoing vaccination efforts will be published as it
becomes available. To stay informed about when it is your turn to receive a COVID-19 vaccine,
residents should sign up to receive text or email updates about COVID-19 from Loudoun County.

Stay Vigilant in Slowing the Spread of COVID-19
Before and after Loudoun residents receive a COVID-19 vaccine, everyone is encouraged to
continue taking the steps that help prevent the spread of the disease, including washing hands
frequently, wearing face coverings, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings of people and
staying home when sick. Learn more about COVID-19 prevention and care on the county’s website.