NEW:  Loudoun County to Provide Billing & Collection of Town Real Estate Taxes starting in 2019.

Beginning in 2019, the Loudoun County Treasurer’s Office will bill and collect real estate taxes for several incorporated towns in Western Loudoun, including the Town of Lovettsville. The County notified taxpayers and real estate professionals earlier this year through a series of direct mailings, as well as through the local media.

All Town real estate taxes collected by the County will be returned to the Town via monthly payments, minus a 1.15% collection fee.

Payment of Town Real Estate Taxes

Residents and businesses will receive consolidated bills that include both county and town taxes as separate line items. Taxes will be billed in two installments per year (June and December).

A single payment should be made to the county by the applicable due dates of June 5 and December 5. Tax payment options and details can be reviewed here.

  • Checks: Submit one check payable to County of Loudoun.
  • Online: Tax accounts will show both county and town taxes. Online payments will be made through Loudoun’s online tax portal for both county and town taxes.

Payments should reference the Loudoun County real estate tax account number. Town tax account numbers will not be used for processing payments.

To locate your real estate tax account number or Parcel ID number: