COVID-19 Lovettsville Essential Utility Assistance: Emergency Financial Aid to individuals and families that reside in the Town of Lovettsville.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington and the Town of Lovettsville are offering financial support to individuals impacted by COVID-19 that led to a loss of wages or the loss of employment.  Individuals who live in Lovettsville (20180) and need financial utility assistance may contact Lovettsville Essential Utility Assistance by emailing

Up to $1,200 is available in assistance for late utility (electric, water and gas) bills both for rentals and mortgages. 

Limited Funding Available. Deadline for Applications is December 4, 2020

Requirements include:

  1.  Assistance for current and late utility (electric, water, gas) bills both for rentals and mortgages.
  2. Households may receive up to $1,200.00 in utility assistance and the bill must be in applicant’s name.
  3. Photo ID or other verification of residency.
  4. Residency in the Town of Lovettsville with either a current mortgage statement or a rental lease in applicant’s name.
  5. Income/employment that was directly affected by Covid-19 with either a current furlough letter from your employer (typed on letterhead) AND/OR paystubs showing typical income and the reduction of income. An Income Certification form can be completed by the applicant if other documentation is not available.

All intake activities will be conducted over the phone to minimize physical contact.  Applicant must have access to a telephone and email.