The  Town has approved the final plat associated documents for the Keena Subdivision that was originally conceived 17 years ago.  The subdivision, which will be known as “Villages at Lovettsville,” and has Ryan Homes as the homebuilder, will be constructed on the vacant land between Frye Court and Locust Street.  This project also includes the construction of two new houses on South Loudoun Street.  The property owner and developer for the project indicated that construction will begin (tentatively) as early as September. The project includes proffers to the town, repairs and repaving of Frye Court for eventual acceptance by VDOT into the state road system, upgrades to the sanitary sewer lift station on Frye Court, extension of East Pennsylvania Avenue across the property connecting to Frye Court, construction of a new subdivision street connecting Locust Street to the cul-de-sac on Frye Court, and the installation of curbing, gutters, sidewalk, and storm water drainage facilities on the south side of Locust Street.  Stay tuned for future updates on construction activities.