Beginning in early August, the Town will start installing new Advanced  Metering Infrastructure (AMI) water meters to every residence and business in Town. Installation is schedule for completion over a 60-day period.

This is a project that was approved by Council in this year’s Capital Improvement Plan. As noted in the Capital Improvement Plan:

All existing radio, touch and manual read meters will be replaced with AMI meters and the accompanying antennas and software. Total project cost is estimated at $410,000. Meters will be financed over 15 years with a payment of approximately $37,000 to debt retirement each year.

This change will:

  • Allow for the timely monitoring of water usage by the Town so that we can alert residents when abnormal usage rates are found. With the current system, leaks are often not detected until the end of the three-month billing cycle, resulting in high consumption rates and water/sewer bills.
  • Eliminate the need for usage estimation due to snow covering meters.
  • Allow the Town to standardize on one meter rather than current 3 types (analog manual read, touch read with a “wand”, and proximity read via a truck).
  • Allow all meters in Town to be read remotely and reported to a central console.
  • Move the Town closer to making monthly billing cycles possible with the use of new meters and software.

With the new (and much more accurate) meters, there may be increased water usage recorded for properties with the older meters. This is not due to increased usage. The new meters will be accurately capturing usage for older meters that lose accuracy as they age.  In other words, there is water that is being used but not metered due to the age and older technology used in the current meters.

Additional updates will be provided as we get closer to our testing and deployment dates.