The Town is in the process of working on several of the projects that are contained in the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan and specifically those identified in FY 21 and FY22. East Broadway improvement project is in the engineering phase. There will be a public information meeting which will be virtual and available to the public via AV Capture on April 15 at 7:30 PM. South Church Street and Pennsylvania Ave ( the section that ties into E. Broad Way) is also in the engineering design phase. This project is designed to correct major drainage problems that have built up over the past several years on this stretch of roadway.

Other projects of significance are improvements to Locust and Loudoun Street. This project is in the very early stages of review. The Town is currently seeking possible funding sources from newly introduced federal funding that may me coming to the Town. The project is projected for later years in the CIP , but has been moved up for earlier consideration. The Town has begun looking at an overall Conceptual Plan which ties all infrastructure and capital projects together with existing Town features such as the Elementary School, the Community Center, the Bike/Pedestrian Path along Berlin Pike, the Lovettsville/County Park currently under construction, Town Center Commercial, Town Administrative Building and Town Hall, Town Museum, and the Downtown Business District. All these projects are interconnected in some way. This project which incorporates all the roads, paths and intersections with the Town features is currently called the Lovettsville Interconnectivity Plan Project (LIPP). When all the components of this project are completed there will be a complete network in place providing access to residents and businesses throughout the Town. The Town shall  continue to seek funding for the various components of LIPP.

In addition there are projects that are on the drawing board to be completed in a shorter timeframe such as Creek Bank Shoring and Tree Restoration, improvements to the Water and Wastewater Plants, completion of the Water Tower and placement of communication equipment on the Water Tower, removal of the temporary communication Tower, realignment of the access/ egress from the Water Tower site, completion of the Town Administrative Building and  the Council Chambers. Studies are being conducted on alternative  ways of removing and hauling sludge from the Town’s WWTP. Other smaller Town projects are in the process of being completed now that spring is upon us including building and maintenance repairs to the Council Chambers, the Museum and the Walker Pavilion.