We have a number of vacancies on our committees and sub-committees. Volunteers are the driving force behind what makes Lovettsville, Lovettsville. Our current committee setup allows for both intown AND out of town residents to serve on the committees. The town has three main committees and their sub-committees:

  • Planning Commissioner: Make an impact in the community and apply to be on the Planning Commission! The Town is seeking someone with Planning expertise that can finish an unexpired term ending June 30, 2021. The Planning Commission provides official recommendations to the Town Council on planning and zoning matters. Click here for the application. Fill it out and and get it to the Town Hall by January 6, 2021. You can send your application via email at clerk@lovettsvilleva.gov or put it in the Drop box located at Town Hall.
  • Commerce and Business Development (Increasing collaboration with businesses, increase marketing for the town and businesses, Public Relations and Information Flow, etc).
  • Parks, Infrastructure, Environment & Utilities Committee(Provide recommendations to the town on Parks, Infrastructure, Water & Sewer, etc.)
    • Tree Board Sub-Committee
  • Events Committee (Oversee all the event sub-committees and work to create efficiencies)
    • LOVE Summer (Movies/Concerts on the Green)
    • LOVE Winter (Light-Up-Lovettsville, Tree Lighting, Berserkle on the Squirkle)
    • LOVE MayFest
    • LOVE Oktoberfest
    • LOVE America (Memorial Day, Town portion of our annual 3rd of July Parade, Patriot Day, Veteran’s Day)

If you are interested, please fill out this town application and drop it off at town hall or send it to clerk@lovettsvilleva.gov.