Five-Year CIP

The Town developed a Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) that identifies major desired projects within the Town. The plan predicts the cost of the projects and the revenues collected to fund the project and places them on a schedule based on Town Council prioritization of the projects. The approved FY19-FY23 CIP can be viewed HERE. Please note that this is a planning tool to help Town Council and residents understand the project priorities, the potential costs for these projects and help to plan for future budgeting of these projects.

FY19 CIP Projects

The Town Council allocated funding for the following projects:

General Fund ($331,500)

  • E.  Broad Way 1 Improvements Project/Park Place to End Storm Pond ($68,000)
  • E. Broad Way 2A  Improvements Project/N. Light Street to Park Place ($180,000)
  • S. Church Street and E. Pennsylvania Avenue Improvements ($70,000)
  • Town  Square Park Improvements/Concept Plan Update and Electrical Plan ($3,000)
  • Town Green Park Improvements/Concept Plan Update and Electrical Plan ($3,000)
  • Stormwater Management Improvements/Northeast Section ($2,500)
  • S. Light Street Improvements/Title Verification and Possible Maintenance ($5,000)

Funding sources include New Capital Reserves ($143,000), 3RM Reserves ($8,500), and Loudoun County ($180,000).

Utility Fund/Sewer ($50,000)

  • Creek Bank Shoring ($20,000)
  • Security ($20,000)
  • Easement Clearing ($5,000)
  • Water Treatment and  Wellhead Restoration ($5,000)

Utility Fund/Water ($92,000)

  • Radio Read Meter Change Out ($27,000)
  • Water Treatment Plant Improvements ($28,000)
  • Well House and Elevated Tank Site Improvements ($17,000)
  • Well Abandonment ($10,000)
  • Storage Facility ($10,000)

Funding sources for these projects include New Capital  Availability Fund Reserve/Water  ($5,000), 3RM Reserves ($127,000), and  Virginia Department of Health Grant ($10,000).