East Broad Way ImprovementsIMG_20160526_141400955

Phase 1 of the East Broad Way Improvements was completed in December 2015. This project included sidewalk on the northside of the street, curb and gutter, underground storm drainage, parking spaces where space is available, and landscaping. Utility poles required relocation back out of the right of way in order to provide the space needed to construct the two 11-foot travel lanes required by VDOT. New street lights were also added to the street and most recently the Town added Holiday snowflakes for the Christmas season.


The design process for Phase IIA of the East Broad Way Improvements between Park Place and North Light Street is underway. The project will require surveying, design, VDOT review and approval, land acquisition for needed frontage easements, bidding and construction and is expected to take between three to five years to complete.

Clock Tower

DSCN4712The Town of Lovettsville, formerly known as “The German Settlement,” has partnered with the developer of Lovettsville Square to incorporate a Clock Tower into the new commercial building facing the Town Square. The Clock Tower is designed to reflect the Town’s German heritage by including four large clock faces, a cuckoo bird, bells, and a Glockenspiel with figures expressing the Town’s character. Blending these historical elements into the new commercial center symbolizes how the growth of our community is built upon the depth of our history.

The Clock Tower construction was completed in the year 2016, culminating with the installation of the clock faces. The Town is raising money for the future cuckoo bird, bells and Glockenspiel.

Help make the Glockenspiel a reality! 

small close up

Series 1 Clock Tower Ornament

  • Donate to the Clock Tower Fund! Buy a Series 1 Clock Ornament or Clock Tower Replica! Just $25 each. Buy with cash or check at the Town Office or look for the Support the Clock Tower booth at our events.