June 16, 2021, the Town stands in solidarity with all residents and will never support any acts of violence, destruction of property or hostility toward any member of the community.

Today, Town Mayor Nate Fontaine wrote a letter to Town Residents in response to the destruction of property this week which he considered as targeted hate toward specific members of the community. The Mayor sent residents the following letter recusing any behavior that targets and destroys the property of any resident, specifically those of minority groups and the LGBTQ community.

Residents of Lovettsville,

I wanted to address events that happened over the weekend, that are deplorable and devastating to the entire community.  Over the weekend, there was destruction of property that specifically targeted our LGBTQ community.  To make this even more heinous is that the destruction of property was done during Pride Month.  To have property destroyed targeting members of our community is horrible and can be frightening for those targeted.  For the individuals who committed these crimes, know that your bigoted efforts to terrorize members of our community will not stand. We are working closely with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and this has also been added as an agenda item for our June 24th Council Meeting.

Pride month is a time for celebration and a remembrance that at one time people could not be open about who they love without fear of attacks or arrest. Pride Month and Pride Day recall a summer night in New York on June 28, 1969. On that night, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in Greenwich Village, simply for enjoying a night out with their loved ones.  The raid and arrests resulted in bar patrons, staff, and neighborhood residents rioting onto Christopher Street outside. The message was clear — protestors demanded the establishment of places where the LGBTQ community could be open about their sexual orientation and love who they love without fear of arrest.

While Lovettsville is named after David Lovett who contributed a significant amount of land for the formation of the Town, the first four letters have stood for more, “The Town that Begins with Love”.  To everyone impacted by the events of this weekend, know that these actions were performed by a bigoted individual(s) who feel they have a right to tell others how to live. They are destroying property, in particular Pride Flags, that is meant to remind folks that we have the freedoms to love who we love, that no one should force ideas on others, and that love is integral to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Know that there are many of us in the community who stand with you and will always be supportive, inclusive, and that together we will continue to live up to the motto, “The Town that Begins with LOVE.”

I will be available at the Walker Pavilion this evening at 5PM to speak with anyone that would like to come by and have a community conversation, neighbor to neighbor.




Nate Fontaine

Mayor, Town of Lovettsville

[email protected] / 540-822-0011