Loudoun County Public Hearing Notice:
The Town received notice that a public hearing on a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM-2021-0002, US Route 15 North — Widening and Safety Improvements) is scheduled for May 11, 2022, before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. This public hearing will take place in the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, S.E., Leesburg, Va, at 6:00pm.
Route 15 North-Montresor Road to Maryland State Line
The segment of US Route 15 between Montresor Road (VA Route 661) and the Maryland state line is classified in the 2019 Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) as a primary Arterial roadway and is part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway.
In 2016, the Loudoun County initiated a Route 15 Congestion Study to identify the cause of recurring congestion on US Route 15 north of Leesburg, especially in the northbound direction during the afternoon and evening peak periods. The Route 15 Congestion Report Findings were presented to the Board of Supervisors at the May 18, 2017 Business Meeting. The report concluded that additional capacity was needed along the corridor. At the Board’s direction, the report was then expanded to include a Safety and Operations Analysis of Route 15 from Whites Ferry Road to the Maryland state line.
On March 6, 2018, a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM-2017-0002) was approved to amend the 2010 CTP to revise the planned ultimate condition of the segment of US Route 15 between North King Street and Montresor Road from a two-lane local access undivided rural arterial roadway to a four-lane median divided roadway. For more information visit the Route 15 North Widening – Battlefield Parkway to Montresor Road project page.
Loudoun County has initiated a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) to revise the planned ultimate condition of Route 15 North of Montresor to the Maryland state line and is seeking feedback from the public. To stay informed about the Route 15 North – Montresor Road to the Maryland State Line Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM), visit the CPAM page.
You may view the project file and provide comment online at www.loudoun.gov/lola; search “CPAM-2021-0002.” Staff reports and attachments are available online at https://www.loudoun.gov/bosdocuments within a week of the hearing. Comments may also be mailed to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, 1 Harrison Street, S.E., 5th Floor, MSC #01, Leesburg, Virginia 20177-7000, or by email to [email protected]