S. Church Street/E. Pennsylvania Ave & E. Broad Way Phase II Improvements

Beginning the week of February 28, 2022, the Town will be pursuing planned improvements to S. Church Street between E. Broad Way and E. Pennsylvania Ave, as well as E. Broad Way Phase II.

The improvements will include test pitting (hole digging) in the right of way of the streets. The pre-construction test pit digging is anticipated to begin next week (weather permitting) and roads will be partitioned to one-lane where crews are working.

There will be one-lane traffic along E. Broad Way, E. Pennsylvania, and S. Church. Please use caution and/or an alternative route, where possible. We appreciate your patience and coordination as it will ensure successful completion of the improvements.

For more information about capital project improvements, contact the town Project Manager, Charlie Mumaw at [email protected]