Lovettsville Businesses

The Town Ordinances require that business in Town, including home-based businesses, obtain an annual business license from the Town.

Businesses must fill out the Business Application Packet to apply for a Lovettsville Business License.

In addition to an annual business license, home-based businesses must also obtain a Home Occupation Permit. This is a one-time process for a particular business, at a particular address.

Here is a list of  Lovettsville Businesses with a 2022 Business License.

Here is a List of Utility and Public Service Providers for residents and businesses.

Out-of-Town Contractors

In addition, Out-of-Town Contractors doing business in Town must also have an annual business license.

Businesses must fill out the 2022 Out of Town Contractors License Form to apply for an Out of Town Contractors License.

Here is a list of Out of Town Contractors with 2022 Business Licenses.