Contact “Miss Utility” before digging!

Miss Utility – 811

The Virginia Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, or “Miss Utility Law”, requires that Miss Utility be called 48 hours in advance of planned excavation work to allow time for marking, that the marks be respected and protected, and that excavation be completed carefully.

There is no charge for this service!

Failure to notify Miss Utility before you dig could make you liable for the cost of any repairs should you damage a utility service.

For your safety and to minimize disruptions to utility services you need to call Miss Utility to have any utility lines that might be in the area of your work marked so you can avoid damaging them or possibly injuring yourself. A representative from each utility company with service that might be affected by your work will mark the approximate location of their underground lines.

Private Utility Lines

Private utility lines will not be marked. Private utility lines include the water pipe from the meter to the house or building and the sewer lateral from the property line to the house or building. The property owner is responsible for maintenance of these lines including repairs, sewer backups and locating prior to excavation.

Additional examples of private utility lines include:

Lawn irrigation systems
Underground invisible pet fence wires
Electric wires to serve lamp posts or out buildings.

For more information, call “Miss Utility” at 811 or 1-800-552-7001, or visit