The Town of Lovettsville has seen substantial growth in housing, population, capital infrastructure, and commercial development over the past decade.  The Town’s population has increased more than 35% since 2000, to approximately 2,600 residents as of 2017. The Town Council has set a policy to not annex residential properties in order to ensure that the population of Lovettsville does not reach 3,500, the threshold for towns in Virginia to take over maintaining their own roads and streets from the Virginia Department of Transportation. This will preserve Lovettsville’s “small town” feel in the heart of rural northwestern Loudoun County. For more information about future developments and the guiding policy for the Town please see the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Lovettsville has made and continues to make major investments in our capital infrastructure. Since 2000, the Town has built a modern waste water treatment plant, multiple water treatment facilities, several beautiful parks and public facilities, the first half of a shared use path, and the first half of a streetscape project for our “main-street,” known as East Broad Way. The Town will continue to complete our pedestrian infrastructure in the future to ensure our residents and visitors can walk from anywhere in Town to our wonderful commercial and community amenities (parks, community center, school, etc.). For more information, please see our Capital Plan. In addition, Loudoun County is investing nearly $30 million in the Lovettsville area over the next several years in the form of a new community center, community park, and new fire hall.


Economically, the biggest development in the Town has been the construction of Phase 1 of the commercial space surrounding the Town Square. The 18,000 square foot retail center known as Lovettsville Square was completed in July of 2016. Since then, the developer has leased 100% of the available spaces to businesses that provide residents and visitors with professional personal care services along with dining and drinking opportunities. On the northern portion of our Town Square, a unique “Bavarian” 7-Eleven has been constructed along with a bicycle park that includes a gazebo, fix-it station, benches, and open green space. In May 2018, the Town Council approved a master plan for the remaining portions of the Town Square. For more information, please visit our Economic Development Page.