Lovettsville Public Works Department consists of one part time maintenance worker and one part time Director of Public Works and is responsible for the maintenance of the Parks, the Town Office, street lights, street signs, Town Welcome sign, flower barrels and other Town initiated elements.

Town Roads are Maintained by VDOT

The Town of Lovettsville operates and maintains Town parks and other Town-owned properties and facilities.  Since the Town has a population that is less than 3,500, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains public streets throughout Town. VDOT is responsible for public street maintenance, including road paving, snow removal, sidewalk repairs, maintenance of the Berlin Pike shared-use trail, fixing drainage issues and making repairs to highway signs. Concerns about potholes, inadequate drainage, and similar travel hazards on roadways that have been formally accepted into the VDOT system for permanent maintenance should be forwarded to VDOT. Call 1-800 -FOR-ROAD (367-7623) or report a problem on line.

Town Street Name Signs

The Town of Lovettsville maintains the street name signs throughout Town. Call the Town Office at (540) 822-5788 or report a damaged or missing sign on line.

Town Street Lights

Most of the older street lights are owned and maintained by Dominion Power through a lease agreement with the Town. When reporting a street light that is malfunctioning, please provide the pole number (typically numbers and letters tacked on to the pole). Call the Town Office at (540) 822-5788 or report a street light problem online.

Town Street Sweeping

The Town typically sweeps all Town Streets (not HOA-owned alleys) once per year in May. Street sweeping typically takes two days. Residents are asked to park vehicles off the street so that all streets can be fully swept during this period.