The Town of Lovettsville is home to approximately 2,600 residents.  Since 2005, Lovettsville has experienced a rapid increase in population and housing associated with growth of single-family detached residences. The population influx consists of people who are attracted to the traditional main street character of Lovettsville set in the larger context of the (mostly) rural northern Loudoun Valley. This beautiful setting, in which the Short Hill Mountains can be viewed from most locations in and around the Town, makes Lovettsville an attractive community to existing and would-be residents.

The Town is served by a number of public services (e.g. water, sewer, and solid waste collection) and facilities (e.g. a community center, library, and elementary school) as well as by private businesses including a convenience store, bank, dine-in restaurants, professional medical offices, and other small business establishments.

The Lovettsville Elementary School, the Lovettsville Library, the Lovettsville Museum, and the Lovettsville Community Center are all located in Town. The Town is served by the Lovettsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company and a modern post office located on North Church Street. Upon completion, the Lovettsville Community Park will be a 92-acre, County-owned recreational facility partially located in Town that is master planned for a variety of active and passive recreational uses.

Residents have access to places of worship both inside and outside the Town. The Town’s home-based businesses, sidewalks, quiet country lanes, and overall setting create a rural feel that helps keep Lovettsville’s pace of life slower and less congested than found in the more densely populated areas in the region.

The Town Office, a small brick government building located at 6 East Pennsylvania Avenue in Lovettsville, was constructed in 1975 and has served as the office of the Town government since that time. In addition to the Town Office and the open space parcel located immediately behind it, the Town owns and maintains several parks and opens spaces which host annual, Town-sponsored ceremonies, gatherings and events, including the Town Green, Town Square and Veterans Memorial (located at the southwestern end of the Town Square). These events include the annual Lovettsville Oktoberfest and MayFest events (among many others), which are staffed mainly by volunteers and intended to enhance quality of life for residents as well as attract tourism for the benefit of area businesses. Quarter Branch Park on Lange Drive includes a large, open area for recreation as well as the Town Barn for storage and maintenance purposes.

Clubs and organizations are a vital part of the Town. The Lions Club and Lovettsville-Waterford Ruritan Club are two very active civic organizations in Lovettsville. There also are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 4-H Club, the Lovettsville Historical Society, Little League Baseball, Soccer, Softball, the Lovettsville Game Protection Association, the Loudoun Valley German Society, the Masonic Lodge, Lovettsville Garden Club and an Auxiliary to the Lovettsville Fire and Rescue Company located in and around the Town. Homeschooling is undertaken by Town residents as well.

Lovettsville is close enough to larger urban centers and towns (Leesburg and Purcellville, Virginia; Brunswick and Frederick, Maryland; and Charles Town, West Virginia), so that residents have access to more expansive retail, cultural, and employment opportunities.

The MARC train station in Brunswick, Maryland, located about three miles from Lovettsville on the Brunswick Line, provides commuter rail transportation to Montgomery County and Washington, DC for residents of the Lovettsville area.

Medical services are provided to Town residents by Loudoun Healthcare, a division of INOVA Health System and the Loudoun County Health Department. Loudoun Healthcare’s INOVA Loudoun Hospital is located in Lansdowne, approximately 20 miles southeast of Lovettsville. Loudoun Healthcare’s Mobile Medical Van serves Lovettsville occasionally, providing wellness-oriented walk-in services. Loudoun Healthcare operates an Emergency Department at its Cornwall Street campus in Leesburg, approximately 15 miles southeast of Lovettsville, along with a free clinic. The Loudoun County Health Department is located in Leesburg. There are two dentists’ offices and a doctor’s office in Lovettsville.

Through our recognized events, picturesque mountain backdrop, destination restaurants, stunning Town Square, well-kept parks, and wonderful people, Lovettsville is building a reputation as one of the best places to live, work, and play in Northern Virginia.

We invite you to explore this section of our website to discover more about where we are and how to get here, and about our wonderful parks, school, library, and community groups that help make Lovettsville the great Town it is.