Council Policy for Reviewing Public Requests for Proclamations
Adopted March 23, 2023

PURPOSE: To establish policies, guidelines, and procedures for responding to public requests for proclamations.

POLICY: The following policy statement shall be read prior to any and all proclamations being presented to the public by council during all council meetings.

It is the policy of the Town Council to recognize the impact that local individuals and organizations have in improving the quality of life within the Town of Lovettsville. As a result, the Town Council, from time to time and at the request of its constituents, issues proclamations recognizing discrete and substantial matters or issues specifically impacting the Town of Lovettsville and its residents. These proclamations are ceremonial and do not carry the authority of an act of legislature, nor do they vest specific rights or privileges.

The Town Council reserves the right to deny where relevant, modify, or amend a proposed proclamation to align with the guidelines and requirements below. Proclamations do not automatically renew and are distinct from resolutions – which are an act of the Town Council recognizing the unique contributions of a person, business, or organization for their contribution to the Town of Lovettsville or a function of Town Council business intended to achieve a specific purpose.

In the event that a proclamation request is denied, the requestor will be notified of such a denial and the grounds therefor.

The following guidelines and requirements apply to requests for consideration of proclamations:

1. The person(s) making the request must be a resident(s) or business owner in the Town of Lovettsville.

2. Requests must be made at least 10 days in advance of the requested issuance date and no more than 60 days in advance of the request issuance date.

3. A local resident must agree to and be in attendance to accept the proclamation.

4. Only requests submitted via the form will be considered. (Please use the ninja form below.)

5. Proclamations must recognize (I) a discrete or substantive matter or issue (ii) impacting the Town of Lovettsville or its residents (iii) which is not duplicative of ongoing efforts, stances, or policies undertaken by the Town of Lovettsville.

6. Proclamations may not recognize generalized issues lacking specific or discrete matters relevant to the Town of Lovettsville or its constituents, national considerations, or personal/individual/collective convictions – proclamations should be clearly and discretely connected to the Town of Lovettsville and/or the events of the constituency thereof.

7. Proclamations duplicative of or not substantially differentiated from standing town policies, events, or other public items shall not be considered.