Lovettsville Town Council Policy for Reviewing Public Requests for Proclamations

PURPOSE:    To establish policies, guidelines, and procedures for responding to public requests for proclamations.
POLICY:    The following policy statement shall be read prior to any, and all, proclamations being presented to the public by council during all council meetings.

It is the policy of the Council to consider requests to proclaim certain events or causes when such proclamations impact the community. Proclamations are ceremonial in nature and are provided as a service to Town of Lovettsville residents, employers, and Town employees, with the goal of honoring and celebrating events.  Public service documents are honorary and are not legally binding. Issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement by an any specific individual or member of staff of the town of Lovettsville.

The following guidelines and requirements apply to requests for consideration of proclamations:

  1. The person(s) making the request must be a resident(s) or business owner of the Town of Lovettsville.
  2. Requests must be made no fewer than 10 days in advance and no more than 60 days in advance of the date you need the proclamation.
  3. A local resident must agree to be in attendance to accept the proclamation.
  4. Requests must be completed via the form below.
  5. Neither mailed, faxed, hand-delivered; e-mailed nor phone requests will be honored.
  6. Proclamations should not take sides in matters of political controversy; nor should they address personal or individual convictions.
  7. Multiple requests by the same organization may not be honored for the same event, subject matter, or cause within the same calendar year.
  8. Proclamations are different from resolutions.
    Resolutions are an official document based on the will of the Town Council to commend a person, business, or an organization for service to the community for a particular achievement or as a form of Town Council public business to achieve a specific purpose.
    are an official ceremonial announcement for the purpose of commemorating a specific time or to raise awareness about local efforts and events.
  9. Proclamations are not automatically renewed.
  10. The town retains the right to modify, edit, or otherwise amend the proposed proclamation.
  11. The Town of Lovettsville retains the right to decide if the proclamation will be issued or not.



  1. The person(s) making the request must submit a completed online Proclamation request form within the dates specified in the above guidelines.
  2. The Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager and/or staff designee will determine if the proposed proclamation meets the intent of this policy.
  3. Proclamations must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Town Council.
  4. Once approved, the proclamation will be added to the appropriate Town Council agenda and applicant will be notified.
  5. If not approved, the applicant will be notified of the decision and the reason(s) for the decision